Monday, June 30, 2014

Emerald Butterfly's New Edition

It's something to celebrate when you have new things for fans. Emerald Butterfly has a new edition out and it's sparkling in all its glory. Not to mention, the paperback is only nine dollars. NINE DOLLARS.

Oh and there's also a giveaway. You could win a signed new edition of Emerald Butterfly, a $5 Starbucks gift card & an exclusive Sapphire Dragonfly (the upcoming sequel) coupon, an Emerald Butterfly Ebook or a personalized Emerald Butterfly postcard!

Don't miss out on this awesome giveaway! Starts July 1st and ends July 31st.
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A quick thanks to Indiegogo and Jody T. from Pennsylvania for donating to my cause. If you'd still like to support me go here:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


The best thing about summer, besides backyard barbecues or melt-in-your-mouth watermelon slices, is the great expanse of time that you get to catch up on old hobbies and the tantalizing pages of a good book.

A cup of tea and a cool little sitting place is one of the only things that brings me peace of mind in the triple digits of Arizona heat. Not to mention a few crafty projects and I'm happy as a bee and a bundle of flowers.

But who wants to be cooped up in a house all summer? Whether you're hitting the beach, strolling down that one avenue with all the thrifty boutique shops (that say they have great prices, but you've seen better), or browsing the mall for eye candy, you're bound to come across some pretty gems and baubles. I found a hummingbird teapot and beautifully handcrafted Indian storage containers at a nearby shop.

Enjoy the long sunny days and the cool starry nights. Go to a music festival or take a long-needed vacation to somewhere you've never been and relax!

What gets you energized this summer?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Give Them HOPE

Happy August, everyone!

I recently returned from a 2-week trip to Pittsburgh. Besides touring beautiful colleges like University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon and dining at amazing restaurants, I got to spend the majority of my time in a program called HOPE Youth Corps with 21 other kids my age serving a small community called Wilkinsburg.

Wilkinsburg is a low-income community, the majority made up of African-Americans, where much gang violence occurs and other terrifying crimes. Volunteering at the local Boys & Girls club, the Police Youth Academy, and the South Avenue Baptist church, opened our eyes to young kids who have gone through--and continue to--go through heart-breaking situations within their families and neighborhood. We knitted close bonds with the kids there and were able to teach them the importance of being a good citizen in their community.

While many people believe that they need to travel out of the country to  give to those who have great need, there is much need here in the United States and in YOUR community. Why do you have to buy a plane ticket to help?

I encourage you to check out your local Salvation Army or soup kitchen and start giving to those who need it. There are so many kids and people who need help now, so make a difference and start today!

-Amanda Nuri

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The New Author Website & Happy 4th!

Hey everyone,

If you haven't heard, I recently just put up my new author website. Make sure you visit it to get the low-down on upcoming books and events!

Also, have an amazing 4th of July! Anyone going to go see fireworks tonight or cooking something especially patriotic?

-Amanda Nuri

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Take Advantage of The Savings!

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Lulu and Barnes & Noble have just now added some extra discounts of your next purchases! So why not use them to get Emerald Butterfly at a cheaper, more affordable price?

There's more:

When the Emerald Butterfly page reaches 100 like, I'm going to be putting up a giveaway for a month! It will include free ebooks, autographed book copies, and more. So get liking! 

-Amanda Nuri